RUSS - An Introduction to Community-led Housing
Sunday 7 May 2017, 11am-5pm

30 participants


£15 fee (all proceeds go towards RUSS housing projects)*


RUSS - Rural Urban Synthesis Society - aims to contribute towards a community-led housing revolution in the UK. RUSS has found creative and robust ways to gain access to land on which to build. This workshop is for RUSS to share the lessons they have learned over the past five years with members of other community groups, students and housing practitioners. 


Course materials provided. 


Course outline: 

Organising - creating a group with a shared vision, building membership

Politics and Legal issues - local authorities and land

Finance - where is the money?

Allocations - deciding who lives in the homes

Co-Design - creating and deciding together


The workshop’s lead tutor will be RUSS founder and chair, and musician, Kareem Dayes. Kareem lives in Lewisham where he grew up in Walter’s Way, Walter Segal’s 1980s self-build project, helping his father to renovate his home to become energy self-sufficient. Later he lived in Sanford Housing Co-op where he was inspired to create RUSS.


To reserve your place, please click here.


*This event is subsidised by Raven Row, enabling a reduced course fee. 



Image courtesy of RUSS. 

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