Bhanu Kapil 'Charcoal and Writing: An Anti-Memoir Workshop in Three Parts'
Saturday 13 May 2017, 4-7pm


The workshop is intended to open imaginal space for those interested in writing, a place to shift into the time of the body, and to investigate the potential of anti-memoir as a genre that has not been commodified. The first part of the workshop will include meditation, charcoal drawing, and the writing of a preliminary index.  The second part will be gestural: writing from the index towards anti-memoir, whether this takes the form of poetry, narrative or hybrid composition. The last part will involve deep listening, reflection and perhaps revision, if there is enough time. What are we saying when we say "the body”?  Who are we when we are not with each other?  Who are we when we are not alone?


The workshop is open to all, regardless of experience or background. 


To coincide with the workshop Bhanu will read from her works Schizophrene (2011) and Ban en Banlieue (2015).


Places are limited and will become available on Tuesday 9 May.



Bhanu Kapil is a British writer of Indian origin who has lived in the U.S. since 1998.  She has published five full-length collections of writing. She also maintains a blog, Notes on Hospitality, "Unbelonging," and Care, which can be found at:



Image: Courtesy of Bhanu Kapil

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