Film Screening with Morgan Fisher
Saturday 26 February 2011, 7pm

Raven Row holds a special event during which Morgan Fisher will be in conversation with Stuart Comer, Curator of Film at Tate Modern, and Alex Sainsbury, curator of the exhibition. The conversation will follow a screening of three of Fisher's 16mm films: Documentary Footage (1968), a film that places its faith in the performer’s powers of invention; Phi Phenomenon (1968), which literalises time in film; and Projection Instructions (1976), a performative film in which the projectionist is placed at the centre of the work.


Morgan Fisher will also be talking with Stuart Comer at Nottingham Contemporary in 'An Evening with Morgan Fisher’ on Thursday 24 February as part of the events programme surrounding the Jack Goldstein exhibition. More information is available on the Nottingham Contemporary website: