La femme au couteau [The Woman with the Knife], dir. by Timité Bassori & Selbé et tant d'autres [Selbé: One Among Many], dir. by Safi Faye
Saturday 3 June



Both films introduced by Aboubakar Sanogo


La femme au couteau [The Woman with the Knife]

Dir. Timité Bassori, 1969

Ivory Coast


A young intellectual from the Ivory Coast, played by director Timité Bassori, is traumatised by an overly strict upbringing in Africa. When he returns home after a long period in Europe, he has to readjust to his society and to his new sexual freedom – a psychological conflict made manifest by the recurring appearance of a knife-wielding woman.


Selbé et tant d’autres [Selbé: One Among Many]

Dir. Safi Faye, 1983



In focusing on the daily life of a Senegalese village woman, Selbé et tant d’autres examines the economic and social roles expected of rural African women. Selbé has the responsibility of providing for a large family while her husband searches unsuccessfully for work in a neighbouring town. Like the other unemployed men of the village, he is dependent on his partner for food and shelter.




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Image: La femme au couteau [The Woman with the Knife], 1969 (dir. Timité Bassori). Courtesy Cineteca di Bologna.