Channa Horwitz – Performances: Poem Opera for Eight People & Sonakinatography, Composition III
Friday 11 to Sunday 13 March 2016

Performances over three days at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm


During her lifetime, Channa Horwitz collaborated with Ellen Davis, her daughter, as well as other choreographers and musicians to realise her drawings as notations for dance and music.


Over the course of three days, eight dancers will perform Poem Opera for Eight People as well as two interpretations of Horwitz’s  Sonakinatography, Composition III (1968) choreographed by Davis. Each will be performed in Raven Row's galleries three times per day from Friday to Sunday.


The variations of Sonakinatography, Composition III will be accompanied by a new arrangement by composer Sarah Angliss, who has worked directly with Horwitz’s original score, along with her notebooks, and also music by Maria Moraru, which was first presented in 2012.


Performers include Helen Aschauer, Gaia Cicolani, Henry Curtis, Nathan Goodman, Geneviève Grady, Theo Samsworth, Henoch Spinola and Julia Sattler.


Alongside these performances, multi-media artist Mark Fell has devised a new multi-speaker interpretation of Sonakinatography, Composition III for the exhibition. 


Performances are free, no bookings necessary.




Channa Horwitz

Poem/Opera, The Divided Person, 1978

Performance, Bologna, Italy

Based on Sonakinatography, Composition III

Courtesy Estate of Channa Horwitz and François Ghebaly, Los Angeles