Space available for two residencies

Since the end of 2017 Raven Row’s exhibition programme has been suspended. Its galleries and flats are now being used for residencies, until the end of 2020. (Raven Row will remain in 56-58 Artillery Lane at least until 2029, and its exhibition programme will resume in due course).


Two rooms are available rent-free, each for a group or organisation to use over one year, joining those groups already resident, from end November/December 2019 to December 2020. The available rooms on the first floor (pictured) are 18m2 and 21m2.


Applications are encouraged from groups (i.e. three or more people) or organisations working on collaborative and social projects, e.g. group or collective artistic, architectural or literary practice, grassroots activity/activism, work with communities, education, urbanism etc. Only non-commercial activity will be considered.


Applicants should use up to 300 words to explain why they need the room, and how they would use it. Supporting documentation would be helpful, in an attachment with a max of 2 pages of information, and/or 2 links.


Please submit applications to with the subject title Residency Application 2019, by the end of Sunday 20 October. Applicants will be notified before or by Monday 18 November. 

The two incoming groups will be selected by a panel consisting of Alessio Antoniolli (Director, Gasworks), Janna Graham (Lecturer in Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths), Melanie Keen (Director, Wellcome Collection, formerly Director, Iniva), Jenni Lomax (Trustee, Raven Row) and Alex Sainsbury (Director, Raven Row). The same panel selected the original groups, who began residencies in June 2018.


The panel is hoping to find groups who can make a dynamic contribution to the community of residents in Raven Row. For information about these groups, see ‘Groups and Organisations at Raven Row’ on this website.



As Raven Row is a grade one listed historic building, there have to be certain restrictions on hours and means of access, as well as on activities of residents. Also unfortunately access is only possible via stairs above the first floor (disabled access is possible for most public events).


Residents have access to the building between 10am and 6pm Mondays and Tuesdays, and between 10am and 9pm Wednesdays to Fridays. While Piper Keys have exhibitions open to the public (approximately five weekends out of seven) access will be possible on Saturdays and Sundays between 12pm and 6pm.


Residents’ rooms are not available for the public to access for exhibitions, events or meetings. Access to the building is by residents’ invitation and pre-arrangement only.


Limited and ticketed public events are occasionally possible for residents to arrange – during weekdays and evenings until 9pm Wednesday to Friday, but unfortunately not during the weekends (except by prior agreement, for more information please contact Raven Row as below).


Residents will have access – for their own use only - to a furnished meeting room, kitchen and small lounge area. Use of a space on the ground floor, for work in larger groups etc. will also be possible.


The panel will select residents who will be able to use their rooms for a minimum of 2 days per week, but preferably 3 or more days.


Activity should mostly be chair/desk based. Small scale production might be possible but rooms are not suitable for noisy fabrication. No heavy equipment or ‘wet’ materials may be used. 


Groups need not have existed prior to making an application to Raven Row. Alternatively, groups or organisations could already have access to other working space but might wish to demarcate room in Raven Row for an extension of their activities.


A letter of agreement will be signed between Raven Row and residents.


Heating, light, and wi-fi will be provided by Raven Row. Rooms will be un-furnished, so residents will need to provide their own furniture.


New resident groups will be accepted after a conversation at Raven Row.


Incoming groups will receive a grant of £1,000 from Raven Row at the start of their residency.


For further information about Raven Row or this process, please contact Kathrin Bonnar,


Raven Row, photo by David Grandorge. These spaces on the first floor are now available.