Speaking Parts
15 May to 24 May 2015

Michael Dean, analogue series (tongue), 2013. Danjuma Collection, London. Courtesy the artist and Herald St, London. 

Speaking Parts, a week-long exhibition framed by two weekends of performance, brings together artists who weave text and language – from poetic prose to the spoken word and scored voice – into the fabric of sculpture, film, painting and performance.


The works in the exhibition are for the most part ephemeral and portable, and depend on the input of the artist, collaborators and/or audience to be fully realised. Each piece has its own temporality, from one-off performance to intermittent activation. 


During Speaking Parts, Raven Row will host Bob Cobbiiiiiiiiing Live, an evening celebrating the work of the great British concrete poet Bob Cobbing (1920-2002), with performances by Brian Catling, Beth Collar, Hannah Silva and David Toop, among others.


Artists in Speaking Parts are Brian Catling (b. 1948, UK), Michael Dean (b. 1977, UK), Natalie Häusler (b. 1983, Germany), Ewa Partum (b. 1945, Poland), Heather Phillipson (b. 1978, UK), Agnieszka Polska (b. 1985, Poland) and Giorgio Sadotti (b. 1955, UK). 


Curated by Amy Budd, writer and Exhibitions Organiser, Raven Row.



Performance Programme: 


Friday 15 May, 6.30pm:  

Ewa Partum, Natalie Häusler, Giorgio Sadotti


Wednesday 20 May, 6.30pm:  

Bob Cobbiiiiiiiiing Live with Brian Catling, Beth Collar, Hannah Silva, David Toop, and others


Saturday 23 May, 6.30pm:

Agnieszka Polska and David Bernstein, Brian Catling, Michael Dean, Giorgio Sadotti



Admission is free, however booking for the performances is essential as space is limited. Booking details will be available from the Raven Row website from Tuesday 5 May 2015