Performances and readings to celebrate the launch of A-or-ist no. 2: A kind of care or sustenance
Saturday 11 June 2016, Saturday 11 June, 5pm

A new magazine of contemporary writing on art and other subjects, the second issue of A-or-ist explores the idea of being ‘a kind of care or sustenance’. At a moment when state-provided care is receding, what might it be to ‘take care’ of ourselves or others? What if we’re all past caring – all already polluted, toxic?


This event at Raven Row has been organised by the A-or-ist contributor-editors.


Jenna Bliss will screen her film A History of Lincoln Detox (excerpt no. 2) (2016), which looks into what society considers to be ‘drugs’, how national legislation, foreign policy and agencies such as the CIA influence their availability, and the turn towards holistic treatments for addiction. The screening will be followed by comments from Arran James, a mental health nurse working in substance misuse and a contributor to the independent media platform openDemocracy.


A-or-ist writer Alice Hattrick will read from ‘According to Alice’, her regular column on perfume.


Issue no. 2 guest contributor Caspar Heinemann will read two poems in development: one on queer politics, chaos magic and neoliberalism; the other on food, gentrification and tabloid scare stories.


For this event, Darren Banks has made a special edit of his film Object Cinema (2015), to which Jamie Sutcliffe responds with a reading from his text published in A-or-ist, 'Mutational Media & Deep Time Thrombosis: On Darren Banks’ Object Cinema'


Writer and publisher Huw Lemmey will present his work Pig Curious, a short visual account of a stake-out of Scotland Yard via the app Grindr, reflecting historical links between surveillance, spying and homosexuality.


Saxophonist Seymour Wright will perform a sound work written for the event, responding to the precept that we are all already toxified.



Launched in 2015 as ‘a place for the elsewhere unfinished or otherwise disallowed’, A-or-ist is produced by a collective of eight contributor-editors: Amy Budd, Hannah Gregory, Alice Hattrick, Lizzie Homersham, Shama Khanna, Naomi Pearce, Jamie Sutcliffe and Jonathan P. Watts. Each issue features newly commissioned texts by invited contributors; issue no. 2 includes new writing by Caspar Heinemann and Abondance Matanda.


A-or-ist is published by Eros Press. Copies of A-or-ist no. 2 will be available to purchase at a special launch price of £5 alongside other Eros Press publications.


The event is free. 



A-or-ist no. 2, cover, Pianpian He & Max Harvey

Design by Traven T. Croves 

Audio recording