Candice Hopkins 'Sounding the Margins: A Choir of Minor Voices' | Autumn Chacon 'Noise Cooking'
Saturday 29 April 2017, 4pm


Candice Hopkins presents a new version of her lecture 'Sounding the Margins: A Choir of Minor Voices’, ongoing reflections on protest, Indigenous art and sound-based practices. 


Autumn Chacon’s Noise Cooking is a performance of cooking with mic’d knives and other utensils. Chacon collaborates with local artists and chefs to perform recipes traditional to the region, allowing audiences to re-experience familiar foods.


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Candice Hopkins is a curator and writer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has published writing on art and vernacular architecture, was co-curator of the 2014 SITE Santa Fe biennial, and is a curatorial advisor for documenta 14, 2017.


Autumn Star Chacon is a Diné/Chicana multimedia and performance artist from the Southwestern United States. Chacon looks for traditional philosophy in contemporary stories and experiences. Often using electronic sound and unconventional radio frequencies she creates environments where an audience is free to control how much of her work they wish to receive. Chacon is also a farmer/agriculturist using food as an living medium.



Image: Lisa Myers and Autumn Chacon: Noise Cooking, 2012. Performance at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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