John Latham, 'Lectures' | Ken McMullen, 'Resistance' | 'End Games', panel discussion with Maya Balcïoglu, Stuart Brisley, Michael Newman and Sanja Perovic
Sunday 26 March 2017




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Saturday 25 March

Continuous performances, 2-5pm

During his time at Gallery House, John Latham wrote a number of text scores titled Lectures, each only a few minutes long. These will be performed for the first time since 1973 by artists, writers and performers including Patrick Goddard, Holly Pester, Carlyle Reedy and Sue Tompkins, in a programme devised by Gareth Bell-Jones.


Sunday 26 March


Screening of Resistance (1976, 90 minutes) by Ken McMullen, who will introduce the film along with Stuart Brisley. Resistance uses an assembly of film fragments and a psychodrama, partly overseen by a psychiatrist, to examine the sociological and psychological roots of resistance to military occupation. It includes a soundtrack by Brian Eno, and experimental performances by Stuart Brisley and Marc Camille Chaimowicz, among others.



End Games, panel discussion with Maya Balcïoglu, Stuart Brisley, Michael Newman and Sanja Perovic

The discussion will address the problematic aim of returning to a time and place – Gallery House, London, c. 1972 – from the radically different context of the present. Much of what occurred at Gallery House was time-based and performative, and thus resists representation through reconstruction. Drawing on Brisley’s 72-hour performance Writing on the wall is, with which This Way Out of England opened, the panel will posit the need for new ways of dealing with performative pasts, beyond the reliance on archival documentation and subjective remembrance.


Returning to the galleries:

Stuart Brisley, and a film programme (organised with LUX) based on A Survey of the Avant-Garde in Britain Part 3, with work by Ian Breakwell, John Du Cane, Stephen Dwoskin, Peter Gidal, David Hall and Tony Sinden, Mike Leggett, Bill Lundberg, Denis Masi, Anthony McCall, Stuart Pound, William Raban and Carolee Schneemann


Also in the galleries:

Ian Breakwell, Victor Burgin, Michael Druks, Robert Filliou, Gerard Hemsworth, Ed Herring, Susan Hiller, Gustav Metzger, Anthony McCall, Newport Group (Peter Berry, Paul Wood, Kevin Wright), Graham Stevens, Stephen Willats / Centre for Behavioural Art



For the final weekend of This Way Out of England, the emphasis turns quite naturally to endings. The final months of Gallery House were tumultuous – even by its own standards – with the group exhibition Some 260 Miles From Here eventually leading to the closure of Gallery House by the German Institute.


John Latham makes an appearance in this final episode. The presence of his over-sized work Big Breather exacerbated relations between Gallery House and the German Institute when its water containers burst under pressure, flooding Gallery House’s basement in May 1973. Latham’s Lectures, written while the artist was working at Gallery House, will be performed this weekend for the first time since 1973. They are emblematic of Gallery House’s continued interest in the possibilities of language-based Conceptual art to veer into the social, or in Latham’s case, the performative.


The final word of this project will be left to a panel discussion, preceded by a rare screening of Ken McMullen’s film Resistance from 1976, featuring the artists Stuart Brisley and Marc Camille Chaimowicz, among others. McMullen’s work was included in both the film and video programmes of A Survey of the Avant-Garde in Britain at Gallery House. During the panel discussion, artists and writers Maya Balcïoglu, Stuart Brisley, Michael Newman and Sanja Perovic will consider the questions of historical closure and archival afterlives in light of Gallery House’s brief existence, and its partial regeneration in This Way Out of England.



Image: John Latham, Big Breather, Gallery House, 1973


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